The enterprise has developed the stereoscopic television system intended for
 management by the manipulator during functioning in a working zone inaccessible and
 dangerous to a life. The system provides formation, transfer and display on the remoted 
 monitors the stereoscopic television image and the panoramic television image with the 
 telemetering information. if necessary it is possible to update the system according to
 requirements of the customer.

 Distance of communication, not less than, m 	1000; 
 The Field of vision, a degree 	        	(45 x 60); 
 Working light exposure of a working zone, lux 	5 - 50 000; 
 Resolution, TV lines 		        	400; 
 Continuous working time, hour 	        	8; 
 Voltage, V 	        	        	12; 
 Weight, kg 	                		8.