The enterprise has developed the device of the
 information compression (DIC), intended for parallel
 performance of  operation of compression of the 
 dataflows acting on 4-channels.  Compression of the 
 information is realized on the basis of modified cosine 
 transformations in real time with factor of 
 a compression up to 5. The compressed information is 
 supplemented with Read-Solomon codes.
 Entrance dataflows act on the 8-bit entrance trunk, in 
 byte-serial mode, with the maximal speed of 23,04 MB
 per second (for each of 4 channels). IC represents 
 multiprocessor  system on TMS320C67xx base 
 (channels of compression) and on TMS320C54xx 
 base(the processor of management). 
    Into structure of DIC enters: 
 · channels of compression - 4; 
 · the reserve channel of compression; 
 · the processor of management; 
 · the reserve processor of management; 
 · a power unit; 
 · a reserve power unit.