The electronic block EB-1 is developed on the basis of digital sygnal
 processor TMS320VC5402. 
 EB-1 provides:
 input, transformation to a digital kind and processing of video signal; 
 definition of position of the chosen object of supervision concerning the 
 center using raster centroidand and correlation methods;
 formations of analog voltage proportional to a deviation of a watching window 
 concerning the center of a raster;
 "capture" and autotracking of the object by a watching window;
 mixing in video signal the service signals "adjustment" and "labels of 
 formation and delivery of signals of synchronization;
 reception on interface RS232 service information that is mixed in video signal.


 Entrance video signal "VIDEO - 1" 
 amplitude 			          (1±0,1) V
 width of a spectrum 		          6,5 MHz.
 Width of ph. eats. 		          133ns (7,5 MHz)
 The Size of tracking window	          32*32 TV elements 
 The standard array for the correlator	  16*16 TV elements
 The minimal size of the object  	  4* TV elements 
 The minimal contrast of the object	  5 % 
 Maximal speed of tracking		  150 TV elements./sec. 
 Size EB-1			          (250*190*100) mm.