The module is intended for treatment of video signal in the system of technical
  sight and delivery  signals of management of proportional to rejection of chosen by 
  an operator object relatively  center of TV of raster. The module is developed on
  the base of the digital alarm processor TMS320VC5409.
  The module provides:
 - input, transformation in a digital kind and treatment of video signal;
 - Determination of position of the chosen object of supervision in relation to the 
    center  of  raster of centroid     and correlation by methods;
 - forming of analog tensions of proportional to rejection of watching window
     relatively center of raster;
 - «capture» and auto accompaniment of the set object by a watching window;
 - Involvement in video signal of duty signals «positioning» and «marks of indication»
 - forming and delivery of signals of synchronization;
 - reception and transmission on the interface of RS 232 housekeeping information, 
    involvement of her in video signal.

    Entrance video signal 
   - Amplitude                                      (1±0,1)V
   - Spectrum width                                6,5 MHz
   - Width of tel. ate.                             133 ns (7,5 MHz)
     Size of window of track                       a 48x48 tel. ate.
     Array of standard for correlating             a 16x16 tel. ate.
     Minimum size of object                        a 4tel. ate.
     Minimum contrast of object                     5%
     High speed of track                             a 150 tel. ate./sec.
     Size                                           (156x125x15)mm.