OTSH it is intended for search, recognition and autotracking of objects on a surface of water
 and the ground. In OTSH digital methods of processing of the TV-signal are realized; centroid, 
 correlation and morphological algorithms of tracking the target, there is an possibility to automatic
 re-search and recapture the target when autotracking is broken.

 Spectral range 		         0,5-0,9 mkm
 Working light exposure 	         50 –100 000 l 
 Field of vision 		         3°x4 ° - 18°x24 ° 
 Zone of the review                      ±30 ° 
 Minimal contrast of autotracking        5 % 
 Minimal size of object 		 (4x4) pixels 
 Frequency of the frames 		 50Hz 
 Frequency of lines                      625 (interlaced) 
 Maximal speed of tracking               35 °/s 
 Resolution of the TV-channel, 
 TV-lines,  not less than		 500 
 Output ТV-signal, scope 		 1,0 V, CCIR
 Interface 			         RS 232
 Power supply                            27 ± 3 V, 4А
 Category temperature range              –40°С - +50°С 
 Continuous operating time               1 hour 
 Size: 	diameter                         180mm 
	length                           500mm 
 Weight                                  10 kg