Indication formation block IFB is intended for application in aviation systems of a projection
 of the image on a windshield of the plane and provides formation and display with high brightness on
 the screen of an electron-emitting projective tube 8SG91Y (P43) (manufactured in Chinese People's 
 Republic) symbolical, alphanumeric and television (in a raster mode) information at submission on his 
 input managing signals from the block of management of an onboard computer


  Nominal size of the image
 	  across, mm                               50 
	on verticals, mm                           37 
  Brightness of a luminescence of a line 
	not less, /m2                             35000
  Speed of movement of a ray 
	on screen PELT, mm / mks                  0,12 
  Thickness of a formed line, mm                 0,12 
  Power of consumption, Vt                        60 
  Overall dimensions, mm                      113x180x365 
  Category temperature range                  -40°С - +60°С 
  Weight, no more, than kg                         5